Millions Of Followers And Subscribes. Meet The Net-Starts

The Next Generation of Celebrities, Youtube, Instagram and Facebook opens new stage for talented young start. An industry with millions of subscribes and followers fans.

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In the ultra-technological era of 2016, there is a huge variety of fresh talent everywhere but luckily so are the platforms for them. Gone are the days when celebrities were only born through Hollywood or any other film industry solely. It now is ONE of the platforms and famous websites such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook are largely the reason for this positive development. Not only that the world of blogging has exploded over the past decade. People have earned because of their famous blogs which have a range of themes, it is safe to say that bloggers are gradually dragging the magazine industry into redundancy.
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YouTube is now home to a vast number of channels, each with millions of subscribers thus thrusting their owners to stardom. Unbelievable what must have been a decade ago is a  stark reality now, let us look the top of YouTubers who have garnered more fans than the mainstream celebrity cults. Felix Kjellberg known for his beloved online alias Pewdiepie, has a gaming channel with almost 50 million subscribers and earns an approximately of $8 million annually, his fan base is one to watch out for, similarly Zoe Sugg, a beauty guru with herself lifestyle channel Zoella has gained around 10 million subscribers and her book which debuted in 2014 sold more copies Harry Potter itself. Talk about technological evolution!

Twitter, too has given birth to many famed personalities, in fact, mainstream celebrities now are judged by their Twitter following largely. It is becoming imminent now, in order to be ensured of their continued popularity, celebrities with PR teams are put an effort into social media for it is the modem of the new generation now. Instagram has quite cultivated an industry for models, makeup and fashion gurus. Famous Instagram accounts of such professionals gain a fast paced popularity which leads companies to have their products sponsored by them on their accounts. Such is the trend else on other social media platforms. The world is now truly coming together under such a movement and with a wary delight, let us look forward for more. © 2022  | about us | contact us          Instagram  google+   twitter