The relationship between our mood and what we wear

It seems that there is not a real connection between fashionable picks and our spiritual state, but on another look, a deeper look, it seems like the first affects the other.

How many times did you buy a piece of clothing, tried it on and felt that you are the most beautiful and successful person in the world? This feeling is very addictive, and it illustrates the effect on our feelings, our clothing, and even our self-image.

If we thought that only children tend to fantasize that they are Superhero like Captain America or Superman, wearing a shirt with the S logo, well it’s all wrong! Adults have the same feelings exactly like the youth.

clothes_mood fashion time

study cases founded that students who wore a shirt with the Superman logo, were able to deal better with exams and tests than those who wore a regular t-shirts. Even those students who described themselves as stronger, more friendly and helpful than their surroundings. Please note that students with similar results even when they were wearing a white coat, and thus assigned themselves the capabilities attributed to scientists.

There are those of their self-image depends clothing at much more significant. In this modern age we can see a lot of people that go into crazy shopping trips and spend thousands of dollars, just to feel better with them selves. The bottom line ןד that the right clothing, that suits us best, immediately improves our mood, eventually it even affects our self-defense.

Our Tips

— Wear clothes that suits you best – if you want to feel good with you self. (and remember to smile!) 🙂
— Dress like your boss does – If you want to be the star of the office
— If you really care about what your friends will tell you – try (if you can afford it) to buy brands (sad but true)
— If you’re going out for a date (specially first date) – don’t wear your father’s suit from the wedding – but wear clean and fitting clothes

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