10 most useless things we buy on line

Let’s face it! We all buy things we don’t really need? here are the reasons and products.

Online shopping is regarded as one of the best things ever to come out of the internet revolution but it is also a black hole of poor decisions. People see things in pictures and dream of it as they want it but the reality is quite different. Thousands and millions of products are faked and bought by the public each year even when they don’t need it.

The magic of advertisement and the internet is to lure the public into buying something which is not needed. But the way they portray it makes you feel you really need it and it will make your life easier. This concept is totally wrong and there are thousands of useless things we buy online which we do not need.  There’s no shortage of stupid things available for purchase on the Internet, tasteless, useless and tacky items that inspire endless impulse buys.


The internet is all about advertisement and catchy lines. Products are made to look so good anc useful but in reality they are nothing but useless money wasting things which are thrown sooner or later. The biggest things people spend money online are shoes. They are shown pictures of many different shoes with different styles and colours. The pictures look cool and trendy and people buy them even when they do not need it. Women especially will buy shoes again and again even if they do not have the place to store them. Of shoes are not enough to take their attention, the next most useless thing is clothes. Women see pictures of clothes and they go mad and about it thinking they need it but the pictures are quite different from reality. The clothes are totally different with some weird texture and colour and one cannot judge the material from online pictures. This is a totally false idea and then these buyers throw these things away as they cannot get them replaced. Jewellery is another thing that women cannot have enough of and they keep ordering even when they know that in reality, the stuff is something else. Perfumes are bought thinking they are required but they are totally useless and their smell cannot be judged.

Females are not the only one to buy useless things, men do it too. They know that the thing is useless but they still buy it. Men can never be satisfied with the watches and selling online watches is one of the biggest trend on the planet. Video games and many other things are bought which are totally useless for people. Online shopping should only be done for stuff which is sold by the multinational brands which you know is guaranteed to work and it will help you. These things should never be bought online as they are a waste of time:


  1. 1. Clothes
  2. 2. Shoes
  3. 3. Jewellery
  4. 4. Perfumes
  5. 5. Watches
  6. 6. Sports equipment
  7. 7. Mobile covers
  8. 8. Pet food
  9. 9. Toys

10. And the last but not the least the most useless and the newest invention which is rocking the world The Hoverboard.

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