When Mom Wanted Her Kids To Be A Lawyer Or Doctor

Remember when mom wanted her kids to be a lawyer or doctor? Well.. things changed! The real big money is at tech and sports. Go tell her that..

The 21st century is quite different from the past and the trends have changed a lot. There was a time when people wanted to do respectable jobs and the media and the companies were not so powerful. The people controlled who was famous who was not and what was the trend of the market. But with time, the advancement in technology changed the lives of the people and the way the society works. There was a time when parents only knew about a few professions which were doctors, engineers or a teacher. They did not know and they could not imagine that someone could earn millions of dollars by playing sports or pursuing a totally different career than this and yet he could be successful. This has happened and is happening in the world where sports players are earning more than millions each year and the lawyers, doctors and engineers can barely make up the ends meet.

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The scenario totally changed when the companies started making profit by using the name of stars and the brands. The name is still being used to make billions around the globe. Micheal Jordan, the world’s most famous basketball athlete reportedly makes more than 30 million dollars each year even after retirement. One can only imagine the money he must have made when he was playing. David Beckham even after retirement earns more than 40 million dollars each year. The world’s best footballer right now Cristiano Ronaldo has his own brands for clothes, footwear and he is making more than 20 million only playing football. The money involved in sports is far more than what is being earned by a lawyer or an engineer.


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The thinking of parents and the people has changed and they are allowing their kids to pursue the career they want. Athletes such as Usain Bolt who run a few races each year are earning more than an average person will earn his whole life. A single appearance brings them millions of dollars and we are to blame for allowing this to happen. The society has changed and the money has moved on. Sports clubs are worth billions and the players involved even more. The simple example of the buying a single player from Tottenham England to Real Madrid Spain cost more than 110 million dollars. If a single player is worth this money, how much worth will the club and the stadium be?

There was a spark in being a doctor or an engineer but that is gone. Now there is nothing but money and parents are right to send their children to sports academies and gyms. They can make much more money and live a relaxed life then spend years trying to make enough so they can feed the children.

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