The Largest Twitter Fast Food Chains Accounts


Every fast food chain manage a twitter account.
Which one is the largest and the most viral?


Main part of digital marketing is the social media presence. Fast food chains are really taking it to the next level and “speaking” with their fans in the social media platforms as twitter, facebook etc. Here’s the list of the biggest group with the largest followers.

MCDONALDS   McDonald’s | 3.2 million followers | 145K Tweets

SUBWAY  Subway | 2.36 million followers | 31.5K Tweets

TACOBELL   Taco Bell | 1.71 million followers | 600K Tweets

PIZZAHUT   Pizza Hut | 1.42 million followers | 373K Tweets

BURGERKING   Burger King | 1.35 million followers | 15.1K Tweets

DUNKIN_DONUTS Dunkin’ Donuts | 1.06 million followers | 48.1K Tweets

DOMINOS   Domino’s Pizza | 1.03 million followers | 254K Tweets

wendys Wendy’s | 897K followers | 71.5K Tweets

PAPAJOHNS   Papa John’s Pizza | 392K followers | 31K Tweets © 2022  | about us | contact us          Instagram  google+   twitter