Fight Over Flight? Reasons Why Some People Fear Flights

It’s that time when your plan is just about losing touch with the ground. These short moments that bad ideas and fear are crossing our mind.

Most of the individuals would love the experience of being airborne and why ever wouldn’t they? Its feel ecstatically spontaneous, does it not? Unfortunately, more than a few of the populace are victims of such a phenomenon. The Fear of Flying or aerophobia is a something very real; many suffer at the hands of it. The reasons could be common or very specific, triggered by a trauma, we shall look at each one of them.

  1. Acrophobia;

The most common of all reasons; the fear of heights or acrophobia causes some to avoid flights altogether. Getting help is the best way to cope with it for car travel is not only quite slower and ineffective, the rate of road accidents are significantly higher.

  1. Terrorism;

Ever since the chilling incident of 9/11 and many other hijacking incidents, many people are fearful for their lives and naturally so. No one can eliminate that, it exists amongst all, however letting it control you should not be an option.
people plane

  1. Claustrophobia;

The fear of enclosed spaces is a phobia present in most of the individuals but sometimes more serious. People avoid elevators for the same reason but avoid Airplanes is too big a sacrifice not to mention, inconvenient, help and therapy is always an option.

  1. Helplessness;

To many it may seem strange but according to statistics such a fear exists, human mind is indeed a complex substance. Individuals such as these prefer driving for they are in control of the vehicle, however the WHO report of the shocking amounts of road accident deaths should be a reason to act otherwise.

  1. Motion sickness

A terrible state of one’s body is reason enough for the individual to refrain from it. Certain People are reported to constantly suffer from nausea attacks and vomiting whenever they fly, so much so they completely stop.

  1. Agoraphobia;

The fear experiencing panic attacks is something  a few ones are the victims of. Those individuals are already susceptible of the attacks and they go to such lengths prevent them. However, there are various ways through which such attacks can be controlled.


Given above the reasons, there are more a 100 hundred reasons why people love to fly, of course to explore the new and different places, however such individuals who unfairly suffer as such should be helped. © 2022  | about us | contact us          Instagram  google+   twitter