The Real Stories In The Big Cities

The real stories from the big cities from the local eyes (and heart)

When I am traveling big cities around the world,  I am very curious to see things in slightly different angle.
I always look at the street and the people, trying to delve into, to produce a dialogue – that makes me excited, it makes me connect with the local culture, people, feel the tastes and smells.

I think the best way to experience new cities is through people. Local people. The most fascinating stories, the most recent, real gossip is there. In most cases where I walk I’m trying nicely to connect with one or two, go with them for a cup of coffee or a beer and hear experiences of the city, recommending local restaurants and bars where I can experience the city in the best way.

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In New York I even had a chance to meet a person who lives in midtown Manhattan in a very high building and is hosted me in his house for two whole days and we just have not stopped talking about the different cultures between the United States and especially New York and Europe. I can specify that whenever I remembered my trip to New York that person’s face always comes back to me, his exciting stories are memorable and it makes me feel nice to know there are good people that host tourists and share with them experiences and exciting stories.

Here are some pictures I found around the Internet that made me remember my memorable trip amazing cities, New York and San Francisco.

NYC DEP think coffee new york i love nyc

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