Second Hand clothes Stores – It’s Vintage !

Second hand stores have become an integral part of the shopping culture, and yet some of us not really want to wear clothes were own by someone else before. Best reasons I can think why should buy a second hand are first of all economic savings, and second, the purchase of special items more often not possible to find in mega fashion chains like H&M, Top shop, Mango and more. Third reason I can find is that all the small secrets and unique items can be found only in these special second hands shops.

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Let’s talk about children clothes.. I mean they grow so fast and sometimes I find it like a real waste of money to buy clothes that worth tens of dollars that our kid wear it for only few weeks.. there are some clothes they wear not more than 3-4 times.. so even if we really like these little sweet trolls 🙂 it’s a big waste of money when we have another options of sec.hand or give & take.

Vintage is here !
Trends come and go like the wind, we all know this fact. Now, if you are into vintage you can find items in “real” shops that looks “Used” some of them actually put some stains on the clothes, some tear your jeans and some scratch your shoes just to show it is “old”. But when you look for a real vintage I think the best way to get it is on second hand shops or websites (like – buy from real seller who does not use their clothes any more and they willing to sell it 80% cheaper than the price they bought it).

Personally, I prefer to look or get ideas from hundreds of second hand online shops in the web.
There, you can actually chat with sellers, ask questions, see similar products, reviews and more..

Take few minutes to see this video with second hand shopping tips

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