Why women are not that interested into sports like men?

Men watch  sports channels  more than women.
Here are 10 reasons we found why it happens.

Everyone loves sports in this world whether they accept it or not. But have we ever wondered what compels us to tune into sports every day? Why women are not that interested into sports and why men are willing to die for some piece of action? Male sports are far more famous than female sports and the money involved in male sports is far more than female. The football is the world’s most popular sport and millions of people all around the globe watch it daily. Because as men, we’re drawn to the raw battle, the salaciousness of the crowd, and the charge of victory. Man has always fought for survival, after all, and the history of our tribal minds, of our capacity to test wills, and ultimately, of our drive to compete, has fuelled the modern sports narrative to ever greater heights.

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The major reason is that men are naturally made in such a way that they want excitement, thrill and action which women do not like. Women are built in a soft and easy way. One out of 100 women would want to become a professional sportsmen and that too might drop out at some stage. Women prefer dressing up, watching drama and arts where as men are more like natural animals. They like to see much more thrilling stuff. Men are naturally born stronger than women and that is how the life goes. Another big factor is that the women’s sports are not that popular and even females want to watch the male at work. Another major factor is the jealousy involved with the gender. Men are more attracted to sports as compared to women because most of the sports involve men are telecasted. Another big reason is that men are more excited by watching sports than women. It’s the natural thing to happen and men are way more aroused by the fact they will be watching sports than watching something else.



The fact that men watch far more sports than women cannot be denied or changed and this will continue to happen in the future even unless women are presented with more opportunities. Women need to be lured to watch the sports like men are. They should be provided incentives and reasons why they should watch it. Or else men will be men and they will continue to watch these sports. Men will continue to excel due to the reasons that:

  1. 1. It excites them far more than woman
  2. 2. Men are more attracted to violence and adrenaline rush
  3. 3. Women are calm natured
  4. 4. Men are taught from birth to play sports and they are attracted to it
  5. 5. Men are physically better off and want to be like them
  6. 6. Men sports are far more popular and famous
  7. 7. Men dream of being like their stars
  8. 8. There is a lot of money involved in these sports with betting and events
  9. 9. Men need to refresh themselves after all the hard work and this is one good way of doing that
  10. 10. The advertisement and the media plays a major roleHOCKEY


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