Credit or Cash? What’s your choise?

It’s that time you are about to pay and have to take the decision how to pay? So, Credit or Cash? Using credit makes us overspending?

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The awry business of buying and selling swells monstrously now, more than ever so. The raging business of manufacturing goods and the markets catering have always been thriving since its inception throughout the history; parallel to the growing population of course. Currently, there are over a billion credit cards in use worldwide, understandably and evidently ever since this innovation in 1921, primarily. The apparently clever use of spending your money through a sleek, coveted card which enables you to buy to your heart’s content… or your bank account’s.

Not only it causes you to prevent roaming around with a pocket full of cash, susceptible of snatching but is near weightless a product capable of so much. Over the years, people have religiously shifted to credit, debit and atm cards over liquid money, regardless of their status. For the rich, banks have platinum cards which means it’s bigger on the amount you can spend and silver or gold ones for the masses. They provide you with cushion when it comes to emergency spendings, especially once you find yourself overseas.

However, if one analyzes it thoroughly, the usage of credit cards, there are indeed reasons that need one consider the increasing usage of such commodity. The most common and avoided of problem are known to be overspending; Individuals have tended to unknowingly spend more than a wise amount, simple because of being unaware of their exact purchases. Credit card on a default mode shockingly immerses one clueless person in debt, with added interest rates. Credit card fraud, too an entirely huge and serious issue, lurks.

All of the above does not however imply the notion of being wary of our cards; it simply calls on to be slightly smarter and alert. Keeping perfect records of our monthly spendings and not completely relying on cards is a quite effective a way. People should not forget regarding their debts and strive to pay them off on a monthly basis, in order to avoid a bigger lump of money to be owed to the bank. This can affect your savings, the baggage of incessant worry an added problem. Just when the world is fast venturing into quicker, sharper, newer ways, one should never forget to learn to adapt better with a precarious balance of the past. © 2022  | about us | contact us          Instagram  google+   twitter