Welcome To The £1 Revolution!

“Good luck! I just bought a double espresso in a hotel in Oxford and it cost £7.50!”
“Love that idea. Especially the half sandwiches. I usually pay £3 for a sandwich elsewhere”
“That’s about $1.50 in US currency, which is pretty cheap, great idea”
“Great idea. Food doesn’t, or shouldn’t, have to cost an arm and leg. Great idea, way to go guys”

cofix  caffix

These comments are just examples for hundred and thousands of supportive feedback that new concept’s Caffix (eat fresh. pay less) gets in the social media platforms lately. This brilliant idea maybe not new or exist already in cities around the world but the “spread the word” effect is absolutely here and it’s here to stay! No more 5$ or 3.5£ for a cup of coffee. No more 7.5-10$ for a vegetarian sandwich. the owner of Caffix, Joe Kaye promise to sell all the items in his shop for 1£. “I’ve seen a similar concept in both Israel and New Zealand, but they focused more on coffee”, says Kaye who plan to sell more items in this price.
The Israeli “cofix” chain came out in Israel with a big buzz and in a very short time they brought hundreds of people every single day who buy same products for less. much less. The effect was great! other coffee shops came out also with big discount and the consumer is happy with the new price level.

Definitely we are going to see same effect in other sections in the market and variety of products going to be cheaper soon.


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