5$ For One Coffee Or For 5 Downloaded Songs?

3 reasons why people would rather buy a cup of coffee for $5 than pay $1 for a song download they can keep forever

Coffee is the one of the most essential commodities we have around today, almost 80% of the world population consumes at least one cup each day. On the other hand, music is also an essential part of life or more to say, it is an extension of life. Music can help you express your inner most feelings, fears, thoughts and mood.

coffee   guitar

Now you would be surprised to know that despite the importance attached to music people would still rather not want to pay for it, here is a few reasons why I think so

  1. Music can be stolen easily due to technology, with the internet you can get anything digital for free or next to nothing. Coffee on the other hand, is a commodity grown on farms, cultivated and harvested, hence it is a physical commodity which cannot be gotten easily except through purchase
  2. The emotions attached to both of them defers, if we buy a bad coffee it’s gone and we can easily forget about it, but if we buy a music download we don’t like we are stuck with it, a reminder of how we made a bad choice and lost money.
  3. Lastly personal preference, for some enjoying a cup of coffee is stateless and has a biological appeal to it if you like it, but for the music download, there are so many factors to it like, if you like the artist or not, the genre, the beat, the flow and so on

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