What People Buy On Black Friday And Cyber Monday?

The crazyness around black Friday, cyber Monday and Valentines day – when it all started? what people buying anf do they really need it?

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No matter how much we advance, no matter how much new gadgets are out in the market, shopping is one thing that will never cease to amaze us especially around the sales. Shopping makes people crazy especially women as they are crazy about shopping. It does not matter what your income is or what you need or not, these crazy sales lure the shoppers out on to the streets. Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday are two examples where people forget the existence of other human beings and there are queues everywhere outside shopping malls, shops and outlets.

The concept of Black Friday came into being in 1932 when it was regarded as the beginning of the shopping season for Christmas in United States of America. The idea was to reduce the prices of things so that people can buy them as gifts for Christmas. The stores would open early or even overnight and people would take advantage of the sales and promotions. Black Friday is not an official holiday but in some states of America, it is observed as a government holiday. Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day in the world since 2005. Each year we see shocking footage of people fighting for stuff or battling it out inside the shops.

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The normal idea is that there are discounts at everything during black Friday and other deals and these are true. People buy all sorts of stuff starting from video games, to electronics, sports stuff etc. clothes are bought along with shoes and some people stock stuff for the whole year on these sales. People save all year to buy things at black Friday and that can be seen by the amount of shopping done on Black Friday. The huge demand for the merchandize on Black Friday has to be met by the producers and it is a great feat of super stores to maintain peace during such a crowded time.

The one question that rises on most people’s mind is that do people really need what they buy at these sales? Or is it just out of sheer urge to buy something when someone else is doing it? For the rich it does not matter if there is a discount or not but the poor can buy things that are out of their reach. People really need stuff and Black Friday is an important week for them where they can buy what they could not all year. They can buy gifts for their children, they can buy household stuff and also things they need such as clothes. The major reason for the purchases are the discounts they receive during the week. If the regular price was that the whole year, people would not buy it that much but since the incentive of sales is added, they think they are saving money and they buy far more stuff than needed.

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Top sales up to 80% off you can find on websites like: amazon, ebay, aliexpress, B&H, bloomingdales, best buy, target, walmart, and groupon style apps of coupons.

Bottom line – Need to buy something and black Friday is around the corner? You should wait and save a lot of money!

So, What do people buy on sales?

1. Clothes

2. Gadgets

3. Toys

4. Small electronics

5. Video games

6. Mobile phones accessories

7. Bags

8. Shoes

9. Hair accessories

10. Storage devices

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