Fantastic Socks Delivered To Your Mailbox Every Month!

Imagine how fun can it be to get a new per of socks, very colorful ones, every month, right to your door. Meet the ‘Foot Cardigan’.

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After we got used to get our razor blades in the mail every month with ‘Dollar Shave Club’ that sends high quality items right to our door so we’ll be able to always shave with a fresh blade, it’s time for us to get more cool things to our door. These little surprises can definitely make our day!

We are getting news from amazon that they will learn our habits, what we buy and when, and according to that statistics they will deliver us without ordering the products they assumes we need. all that will happen with “real” delivery persons or by drones..

This story is a bit different. It’s a story about subscribing a service we don’t really need day by day or month by month. Well, the “Foot Cardigan” team says, don’t wait until your sock is full of holes.. but make a subscription to their service and get right to your mail box a great per of socks every month.

When you really have to pee but someone’s in the restroom

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The real great thing about this service is the product itself! Seems like the designers of the cardigans socks are really think out of the box. When I look at their instagram and twitter account it’s very easy to notice that their socks are different! They seem to be very colorful, well done designed of hot-dogs, eggs, cocktail glasses, elephants, sharks and many many more.. The only dog that feeds the hand that bites it

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Socks can feet any age and price starting at 9$/month.
The bottom line is that we have here another great out of the box service that looks great.

You should try it!

Lazy sundaes

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Ain’t no party like a sock party. Cause a sock party…??

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