Fresh Food with Great Bento Box Right To Your Door

When it comes to food delivery, we all expect it to be fresh, tasty and of course fast. VERY fast. Check out this great new ‘bento-Now’ app.

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It’s that hour in a day again when your body shouts for food…
Well, there are many websites and great apps to order food from a variety of restaurants by a click like, grubhub, yelp’s eat24 and more.

But there are always new ways to make the order, and it seems like entrepreneurs always think how to make this process faster, easier and funnier.
But don’t get it wrong – Hungry people will never compromise on quality. In last month we found new players in the fast food apps industry like uber-eats, grub-market and caviar, but the focus this time is on ‘Bento’.
Bento (  is about building your lunchbox starting at only 10$. seems valuable big time!

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So, How does it work? 3 simple steps! 1. After downloading the app from apple store or google play, 2. Just pick your fresh main and side dishes, 3. Enter your address and you done! delicious food is minutes away from your door dash. Need to know! 1. Bento promises the hold ingredients suppliers with high standards! 2. Delivery cars uses special equipment to keep the food fresh and tasty like it just came out from the kitchen. 3. Food is prepared fresh and daily in Bento’s kitchen by a talented chefs. 4. Bento’s drivers have consistent schedules. They get free Bento every shift. ** Deliveries areas are now limited but it seems like Bento’s team are hungry themselves to get and serve more areas soon. You should try it next time you order food.

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