Domino’s Pizza introducing autonomous robot shipments

Domino’s Pizza unveiled an autonomous robot transports that will bring you the pizza quickly and keep it warm and fresh thanks to a built-heating ovens; The question is how much tip to give the robot?

dominos robot delivery Domino-sign

The Australian branch of Domino’s Pizza revealed the prototype of a new robot called Domino shipments Robotic Unit or DRU short. The new robot is capable, according to Dominus, navigate to the customer while driving on sidewalks only speed of 20 mph, while avoiding obstacles. The main thing is of course thanks to its built-in heating mechanism, the pizza will come to us more hot and more fresh than now. In addition, including the robot, which weighs about 190 kg, also cooled storage compartment or soft drinks Beirut you book. Ah, you ask, how do we know that one way we will not take the Extra cheese pepperoni? Well, to get the pizza itself would have to accept any customer to enter invitation code is only open to robotic storage cells.



The robot has already received regulatory approval from authorities of Queensland Transport, Australia’s second largest state. To be able to move around autonomously in the streets. The development of a robot for the purpose of delivery, Dominos collaborated with Marathon Robotics Corporation, an Australian manufacturer has developed until now robots used in military training targets. The original idea came as part of DLAB unit, the company’s Innovation Lab, designed to encourage initiatives and entrepreneurs. Domino’s robot has already approved a number of home deliveries of real customers in a semi-autonomous; According to the company these tests are a big step toward commercializing the technologies of autonomous deliveries.


While at first we thought it was a marketing ploy or in one stretch early April, however, insist that the project Dominus quite real; According to Don May, CEO of Domino’s Australia, “Robot highlights what can happen when encouraging thinking interferes with – it becomes a commercial product, revolutionary and exists”. However it is worth remembering regulatory approvals are only part of the problem. According to Domino’s, the cost of each robot like this is about AUD $ 30 thousand or 88 thousand, something like six envoys today’s scooters. However, Domino’s CEO is optimistic. He said the idea brash and bold, but “we are confident that one day it will become an integral part of the Domino’s family. Is a way for the future. ” © 2022  | about us | contact us          Instagram  google+   twitter