Dinner And Guests At The White House

Mostly vegetarian dishes, Hollywood stars and dresses inspired by Indian culture, marked the official dinner that President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle gave for their visiting Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his wife Gursharan Kaur.

The dinner was held in specially erected on the South Lawn of the White House (WhiteHouse.gov) tent that could hold up to 400 guests. Banquet halls of the White House can accommodate many fewer people. In the tent there were chandeliers and beige carpet. Guests were seated at round tables for ten people, decorated with magnolia branches and ivy.

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For the first time since he entered the White House, Barack Obama and his wife gave a dinner for senior guest. Obama’s predecessor – George Bush gave six evenings during the eight years of presidency. Bill Clinton gave 29 nights while he was president for two terms, recalled Monday.

For the first official dinner given by the current US president, the menu was prepared by the cook chef- White House Crisry Komford and specially hired Michelle Obama rising star of American gastronomy – young chef of New York restaurant “Akuavit” (Aquavit. org) Marcus Samuelsson.

The restaurant is famous Scandinavian cuisines. Samuelson was born in Ethiopia, raised in Sweden and is preparing for a chef in Switzerland and France.

For the White House, however, he did not create the usual Scandinavian dishes. Along with Komford prepared table-influenced vegetarian cuisine and Indian culinary traditions. On the table, of course, he had a curry – shrimp in the dish garnished with green curry.

Among other dishes prevailed vegetable dishes with potatoes, aubergines, various salads and herbs, grown in ecological vegetable garden on the White House? Meatballs, potato, basmati rice and soup of red lentils were also presented to the high guest.

As dinner was held on the eve of Thanksgiving, which in the US marks the last Thursday of November, including dishes prepared by Samuelson, there were traditional pie and pumpkin flan with pear inundated with honey from the hives of the White House. For official dinner in honor of Indian Prime Minister US First Lady dressed dress designer Naeem Khan (NaeemKhan.com) – American stylist, born in India. Michelle Obama was a long cream-colored sleeveless dress with gold and silver motifs, combined with a large airy scarf of the same color.

CNN designer stressed that he wanted to dress Michelle Obama and glamorous at the same time inspired by Indian traditions toilet. Naim Khan is the creator of clothing ceremonies Awards Oscar singer Beyonce and actress Katherine Heigl. Khan was also dressed Jordanian Queen Noor. For sewing the dress Michelle Obama took him three weeks and 40 tailors, said the designer. Dinner at the White House attended by 338 people including government ministers Obama donors to election campaigns of Barack Obama and Clinton, governors, US and Indian businessmen, diplomats and Hollywood stars.

Until the last moment the guest list was kept secret. Among the stars of the evening was the director Steven Spielberg. He donated 50 thousand. Dollars for celebrations Obama takes office as president, recalled Monday. Among the guests was the successor of the hotel “Hyatt” – billionaire Penny Pritzker, which brought together 200 thousand. Dollars to the Obama campaign last year and 300 thousand. Dollars for the celebrations of his inauguration. Among the guests were also Deepak Chopra and M. Night Shyamalan, and Indian composer AR Rahman, who this year won an Oscar for the music in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.”

Grammy winner and Oscar, the actress and singer Jennifer Hudson was also among the invitees. Minister of Justice Eric Holder told a journalists arriving at the White House to accept that there are pockets notes from their children questions to Steven Spielberg. Permanent Representative to the United Nations Susan Rice said the dinner would like to talk to four of the invited celebrities, but did not specify which ones.

After dinner, guests enjoyed a concert by the National Symphony Orchestra. Then sang Jennifer Hudson and jazz performer and composer Kurt Elling.


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