10 Best Bands That Rocked The 80s

If you were up and moving in the 80s you would agree with me that the 80s rocked, lots of great bands and good music then, life was good, not to fast not to slow just good. So let’s look at 10 of the best bands that rocked the 80s

1. Queen, one of the best bands from the 80s, I love their ‘’Another One Bites The Dust’’ song from the album The Game (1980). Queen are a British rock band who came together in London in 1970, the band comprises of Brian May, John Deacon, Roger Taylor and Freddie Mercury.

2. Guns N Roses, this is one of the bands that definitely ruled the world in the 80s, this band was so great that, not only did they make great songs, they also made great songs for other bands. In my opinion, I feel Guns n Roses should be the top band of the 80s but they can never beat Queen as they were legendary.

Metallica Guns N roses Bon Jovi

3. Duran Duran according to some were the best band of the 80s, the band members were good looking, fashionable, stylish, cheeky and funny. They started the dance mixes and extended mixes movement while mesmerizing MTV with their glamorous music videos.

4. Bon Jovi, whose songs touched the hearts of most people in the 80s are an all-time favourite Band of the 80s, their song ‘’Living on a Prayer’’ had people singing out their hearts to them in concerts. Unlike other bands, they are still together with the same original members from day 1.

5. U2 an ever involving and innovative band in a class of their own. They have no competition whatsoever perhaps only the competition of reinventing themselves. Their imagination is out of this world as their music keeps getting better like fine wine, and most importantly the respect they have for their fans worldwide is unparalleled which is a plus.

6. Metallica, of all the bands listed so far this band had the best musicians ever, from Burton to Mustaine who drove the band to pure greatness, Unfortunately as the real musicians exited the band so did the great music, but overall Metallica had great songs and albums like ‘’Fade to Black’’, ‘’Master of Puppets’’.

AC DC queen The Cure

7. AC/DC brilliant band from the 80s which I find most people still listening to today, they weren’t about glitters and glamour, but they had that raw power about their songs. They were a masterpiece in their own way, so much talent which was so insane and profound.

8. The Police, I bet you never knew ‘’Sting’’ was from this band, each member of this band was special as a musician, but Sting was a gifted songwriter and composer, he had to come out of the band to emerge as a solo artist because his gift and talent was so incredible and couldn’t be hidden under the shadow of the band.

9. The Cure, another great band from the 80s, powered by legendary ‘’Robert Smith’’, this is a band that plays song by their hearts and with their souls and trust me a soulful song heals and uplifts the spirit, no wonder the band doesn’t sound like they belong in a decade as their music is unique and timeless.

10. Poison has great songs and is worth mentioning in this top 10 best bands of the 80s, with amazing songs and millions of fans all over the world, it’s acceptable to say that Poison is quite established and accomplished.

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