It’s Time For spring Floral Dress

floral dress 2
This heat in recent days remind me that spring is already right here.

Not long ago we moved to summer time and in spite of my great affection and cold layers of clothes mass it’s nice to leave work not dark. There is nothing that marks me (and probably for everyone else in the world) than from the spring is flowers. And if we are dealing with flowers, no more spring floral dress. So how to wear a floral dress?

Floral dress without styling may be a bit boring and I would recommend to add a few items that will upgrade the robe and make it more interesting and a personal touch. Colored shoes are not necessarily listed in a dress or a more rugged style shoes can be a great addition. In the evening, can throw over the top or west or even neutral-colored jacket and jeans. Accessories are also a welcome addition. Dress with jewelry concern or a hat will protect you from the sun. With the right styling can make the overall appearance to what ever you want – romantic, feminine and soft or uneven light and more.

Some wonderful examples from the network:

floral dress 1   floral dress 3

On Saturday, as part of a warm spring and spring mood landed on me I pulled out from the depths of the closet floral dress that I do not particularly like. I really wanted something floral So I made efforts to assemble Luke let my mind. To balance the items I’m more like I added my favorite hat and vest style Trench. The very first booty I wanted to return and rum convinced me that since I’m in love . I have such a problem of wanting to return items at the end I Grove them and somehow it always happens thanks to the rum. Thankfully it was not too hot …

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