Guns N’ Roses – The Full (short) Story

What happened to Guns N Roses band since they were popular until today the split and what each of them are doing

Guns and Roses was one of the most popular bands from 1985 to 1998, their album ‘’Appetite for Destruction’’ kept them at the top of the charts but their irrational and erratic behaviour made them a media frenzy.

Axl Roses behaviour was basically what led to the breakdown of the band, he had the talent but his behaviour was so erratic he mismanaged the band. His behaviour even prompted Izzy Strandlin’s departure from the band as well, Izzy cited roses behaviour along with other band mate’s drinking and drug addiction as his reason for leaving the band.

Slash quit the band in 1996 because he felt Paul Huge was not qualified to be in the band, he was later replaced by Robin Finck  who was formerly Nine Inch Nails touring guitarist. Matt Sorum was fired in April 97 followed by Bassist Duff Mckagan who resigned in August 97, all this was due to Rose’s arrogance.

Guns N roses AXL ROSE GNR

So in the long run, the band had no original members left, just the name that was intact and the exclusive rights to use the name were forcefully acquired by Rose. So in other words, Guns and Roses never really did break up; just new players were brought in as old ones left.

Here’s what each of them are doing now

Duff Mckagan went on to play bass for Velvet Revolver, he also completed an accounting degree at Seattle university.

Slash formed a new group in 1994 called Slash’s Snakepit, he also joined Duff at Velvet Revolver since the group’s inception in 2002

Izzy Strandlin returned home to the Hoosier state to form the band called the Ju Ju Hounds, he also recently took time off his recording to appear on stage with Guns and Roses in 2006

Steven Adler founded a band in 1993 which he named Adler’s Appetite where he plays the drum

Axl Rose apparently was the only old member who stayed on; he recorded 32 new songs in January 2006. Fortunately, he finally achieved emotional stability

Guns N Roses albums

1987 – Appetite For Destruction | 1988 – Lies | 1991 – Use You Illusion 1+2 | 1993 – The Spaghetti Incident | 2008 – Chinese Democracy

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