10 best travel sources to plan your trip

It’s this time of the year and your “packing” your family or friends to a dream trip. Or when you’re going to a business or studying trip, here’s some websites you must check out to plan your trip and save a lot of time.


1. Tripadvisor – Before you book anything first of all take a look at reviews of people who were there and they give their experience.  Sometimes you can see a nice hotel but in the reviews you can find out the service is poor or that there is no public transportation in the hotel area. people were there before you and they share so take a minute and read before you book.

2. Booking.com – Basically you can find in booking all the hotels worldwide. Each hotel page contains tens photos of the hotel, the lobby, the different rooms, if public transportation is available in the area, how far the hotel is from the city center, visitors reviews and more.

3. Kayak – All in one travel search engine. with kayak you can combine flights, hotels and car rentals searches and order it all together. Very easy to use and understand your full rates and final price for all these three main issues.

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4. Hotels.com – Thousands of hotels in hotels.com website that let you easy way to compare between different hotels in the city you are going to stay. Last minute deals available.

5. Open table – Going to restaurants in the vacation and try the local food is part of the fun and exploring the tastes and smells through your stomach and nose 🙂 with open table you can easily see menus of thousands restaurants around the US and Europe and even book a table online to the date and hour you want.

6. Air b&b – One of the favorite website (or app) of the last years. Sick of sleeping in hotels? Want to “taste” the city like local do? Rent their house! with air bnb you can rent locals houses and apartments which a lot of times is a better deal compare to a hotel and you get the extras of real warm home.

7. Get Around (US only) – When you want to rent a car you can go like most tourists to dealers like Hertz, Avis, Orbitz and more.. but! If you like to rent a cool car from locals you must try getaround.com – marketplace to rent peoples private cars in low rates, you can see reviews of the car and its owner, see pics and book your car online  through the site or the app.

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8. viagogo – It is always recommended to check if there is a nice show or great sports game in the city you are going to travel. sometimes you don’t really have the chance to see popular bands or sports teams in your country and with viagogo you can search and book online tickets to all kinds of shows, Concerts, Sports& Theatre Tickets. Secure Payment & Tracked Delivery.

9. Travel Guard (by AIG) – Travel Guard offers three levels of travel insurance coverage. You can compare coverage levels and pricing on our most popular levels with our coverage level comparison tool.

10. Lonely Planet – Love traveling? Now you can easily plan and book your perfect trip with expert advice, travel tips, destination information and inspiration from Lonely Planet.


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