Drama, Jealousy, Heartbreaking love triangles in ‘girlie’ movies

The are so many movies made us ‘waterfall’ cry. Great moments of drama, jealousy, heartbreak, love triangles, queen bees and more..  Here’s a list of best girlie movies ever?


clueless The Princess Bride

Trust us females to have gone through the definite phase of hormonal teenage; the best friends, cliques, gossips, crushes, the list could go on and on. Hollywood, susceptible to all this, naturally, have till date managed to manufacture thousands of movies of such a genre. After all, females, especially teenage ones, are known to be the loyalist of fan base, giving them a motion picture which closely depicts the feelings they go through, you have hit the nail on the spot. Without further ado, here is a coveted list of the 10 most girlie movies, ever loved.
girls movies

  1. The Notebook

There is no list devoid of this film under such a category. Not only has it been adored by the millions of romantics, you can imagine the waterworks, especially when one sees Ryan Gosling. Sigh.


  1. Mean Girls

Oh Boy, this movie is no less than a roller coaster ride; it has it all! Drama, jealousy, heartbreak, love triangles, queen bees, nerds, jocks and everything in between; this all clearly depicting a jungle unleashed in the boundaries of an American high school.


  1. Sixteen Candles

A little older than the rest, it sure is a classic one nonetheless. It has sweetly yet humorously depicted all the intricacies of first love. The hero most definitely makes you swoon.

  1. Bridget Jones Diary


The ever famous spinster, with her ever famous diary. Based after a bestselling novel, this film took Hollywood by shock. People loved to see an awkward heroine find love, which was different and refreshing. Years later, it doubtlessly counted as one of the classics.

  1. Dear John


Trust Nicholas Sparks to have pulled at the heartstrings of countless females through time. Like The Notebook, this film based on Sparks’ novel was obsessed over by the populace. It made all cry, smile, feel, a perfect girls of course.

  1. I Love You

A beautiful love story which melted female hearts worldwide. The emotional foundation of the film was something which beckoned the audience to it.

  1. The Princess Bride


Another classic from the 80s, this is fanatical story of a caged princess and her unlikely prince. A brilliantly depicted fairytale, what else could a female love more?

  1. Clueless


The beloved 90s flick, which depicted the whirlwind of a life young girl lives; this coming of age story told a lightened manner has since emerged as a constant female favorite.

  1. The Prince and I


A handsome, modern day prince falling madly in love with a commoner from Texas, a girl could feast on this! After all nothing excites a female more than modern day fairytale with a strong heroine and smitten prince!

  1. The Princess Diaries


Who would not want wake up one and find herself to be a long hidden princess! This is what happens when Mia Thermopolis is tracked down her grandmother, whom she has never met, and who is a Queen! This Disney flick has been obsessed over by a million hearts and for a good reason!


The list can possibly be endless but we guarantee you’ll love the ones ahead!

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