What kind of TV series we like to watch and why?

We all love sitting on the sofa in  the end of the day and watch our favorite TV series wheter on  cables, VOD or online. What men, women and youth watch and why?

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Though it may seem a rather unimportant thing but do you ever think carefully how creators of TV shows creep into viewers’ brain and create a show that satisfies their needs? They spend millions of dollars to provide the sort of show their target audience would love to watch. There are categories based on people interests and habits. We are indeed what we watch.

Our personality determines what we eat, consume and watch. There are several personality traits that a group of people have in common. This is what makes them a loyal viewer of a particular show. Based on genres and personality traits, we have made a list of different kinds of TV series people like to watch.

Men are known as less emotional creatures. It is assumed that they mostly like hardcore stuff to watch which is quite untrue. Most educated and older men are always looking for opportunities to make their fortune double by making sound investment decisions. Their areas of interests are nature and money related, traditional and period dramas. Whereas, blue collar men tend to show interest in adventure, science fiction, crime and sometimes light comedy, as a way to escape their tough work life. White collar males mostly like to watch traditional dramas, romance and comedy. As their life is tough and they can’t afford expensive entertainment, so TV is their life.
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Women hugely reply on TV shows to satisfy their needs. Whether they are working women, housewives or single moms; TV series possess an important place in their lives. Housewives, widowed women mostly like to watch operas, reality shows and dramas. Highly educated and professional women like to watch artistic shows and romance. Science fiction and crime dramas are also their genres. House wives with young kids prefer to watch non-violent and decent shows; mostly comedy and fun shows.


Youth get bored easily. They are always looking for something adventurous to satisfy their needs. The favorite genres of teenage boys are action, super hero shows, adventure, and crime drama. Soap operas are their least favorite. Teenage girls like watching erotic, romance, comedy and drama. Youth mostly watch high school and school related shows. They also like sports related shows. Their least favorite areas are informational, history and cultural TV series. Examples are; Glee, How I met your mother, New Girl, Weed etc.

These are the most versatile audience and hard to predict. They may like slow drama as much as any action or adventurous series. They mostly avoid game shows and reality TV shows. Their favorite genres are romance, adventure, action, thriller, crime dramas etc. It is a time in one’s life when they enter in professional life so distraction is a must after long working hours. They want to sit down, relax and tune in their favorite show. Some of the favorite shows may include; Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Daredevil, House of Cards, Game of thrones etc.

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