Girls! Going out to have some fun? 5 things to do, 5 not

It’s a girl’s night out – you are going to have fun with your friends – 5 things you must do and 5 things you don’t .


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Spending time with friends is, all by itself, an incredible approach to hang loose without spending a considerable measure of cash. But if you and your companions are accustomed to going out to clubs, bars or restaurants together as your way for hanging out, then you can switch it up a bit and spare some cash as well. Regardless of where you live, there are a lot of spots to go and do fun things that don’t cost a considerable measure. If in any case you are experiencing difficulty persuading your companions to do things at little to no cost, then upfront with them. Let them know straight out that you can’t spend that sort of cash at this moment and don’t give them a chance to pay for you either. Be that as it may, here are some awesome options you can offer.

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If you are a young, you might stress over getting exhausted. You most likely need your friends to consider you a fun individual to be around. There are numerous shabby, fun things you can do with your young lady companions that will keep them entertained and glad.


  1. If you want to have fun with your teenage friends, create a fun environment in your home. Ask your parents to allow your friends to come over more often.
  2. People love to be around people who laugh. If you want to be a fun friend, always be ready to crack a joke. Making your friends laugh can be a great way to have fun. You can have a ton of fun just hanging out at your house if you’re able to make people laugh.
  3. Have a poker night with friends or plan for a theme party.
  4. Potluck dinner with friends.
  5. Even local aspiring comedians can put on a good show. Most times tickets aren’t too expensive and may also include dinner or drinks. Grab your best friends and try a local comedy club for great entertainment.


  1. Do not ever go out for night without informing your parents so that they can reach out to you in case of any issue.
  2. Every girl gets those late night urges to eat but you don’t always have to go for the most fattening foods.
  3. Don’t accept drinks from anyone if you don’t want and don’t drink and if you do so, don’t drink more than others.
  4. Don’t go for others parties as you have not been invited and it looks awkward.
  5. Keep away from boys or Boyfriend to avoid sexual scenes during fun and let them warn that you guys are here for fun only. © 2022  | about us | contact us          Instagram  google+   twitter