internet and online gaming broke childrens rules. what’s the impact?

Some years ago, for playing games, children had to go the market, buy CD to install. Tech brought online gaming and broke the rules .  Here’s the impact.

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The technology has the drastic impact on our lives and it has become difficult to live without it. The influence of technology can be seen on all aspects and professions of life but the children have the great impact. Our children are always in search of some wonderful and entertaining things to spend their whole time in front of the computer or laptop screen.

The best entertaining thing for the children are the games. Some years ago, for playing games, children had to go the market, buy CD, install it and then play it on computer. It was a very difficult task as the children were totally dependent on their parents, elder brothers or any other senior who could manage and install the game for them.
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Now, technology is available on internet. Children just need to go on search engine, search games of their choice and start to play. It has changed the culture of the homes and now children are free to play the games of their own choice. Due to technology advancements, children are able to play the games without the permission of their parents and teachers. After the introduction of smart phones in the market, children have got the opportunity to take the mobile phone of their parents, install the game through apps and start to play.

When we talk about the positive impacts of games on the children, we feel that this activity should be in their daily routine. They understand the reading and language skills through games as they have to read and listen all the conversation and it is very important for playing a game at a good level.

These games also build up the skills of active response and better memory. They have to find new paths and skills for reaching at the later stages of the games. They also have to react sharply in case of attack on them so their responses become quicker and effective.

The negative impacts and effects of games are great on the children. These games are affecting the studies and physical playing activities of the children. They are spending their whole time in front of the computers as they do not go outside in the playgrounds. They are also not giving the importance of their studies so the chances of better education are vanishing.

These games are also impacting the behaviors of the children. After playing violent and fighting games, they are becoming violent also. They want to fight with each other and try to apply the game activities physically on other children. It is very dangerous for the character building of the children so there should be the check on the children whether they are playing health games or spending their time in fighting and killing others in the games.

Technology has both positive and negative impacts. It is your duty as parents to watch and examine the activities of your children. If you think that some games are not good for personality building, career building or the future, you should ban those games and allow only those games which have great impact on their minds and educational activities. © 2022  | about us | contact us          Instagram  google+   twitter