Looking for Special And Designed Children’s cakes? It’s Easy To Make!

angry birds cake polo shirt cake
You decided to make a great cake for your children’s party? Great idea! It’s so easy to do it yourself.

There is nothing sweeter than to surprise your loved ones, your amazing young kids work with a great birthday cake that they must love. Their eyes open wide and a huge smile spread across his face. Cake is happines. Spiderman’s cake is fantastic if your son is all about superheroes for example..

oreo cake starbucks cake

How to work with sugar dough?
Sugar Dough is a substance that can sculpt it, like clay, but there are different ways working with it so, to get the best results follow it and check thses amazing cakes.

Unlike working with clay, dough sugar has a tendency to dry out quickly when it comes into contact with air, so it should be stored in an airtight bag in a closed vessel. When working with sugar crust, has cut the sugar dough piece with which we work, and the rest of the sugar dough should be returned to the closed bag. The desirable sugar dough does not put the refrigerator because it absorbs moisture, causing him to be sticky. The ideal storage location for it is a cool, dry and dark. The sculpture should be kept in a ready-made fan.

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Be careful touch of sugar dough with water since the dough may leave marks on the coating and characters.

The way of the work:
Knead wek the  sugar dough until it has a soft texture, and make a little hole in the center. Using a toothpick take a small amount of food coloring and spread hole. important! Do not use the same toothpick again. Use a clean  toothpick every time, even using the same color to maintain color quality over time.

m and m cake lego cake

Last thing is creative! If you don’t have – do not even try…
You should remember that children are picky about cakes
It mast look wondrefull like cake for legends and it better be tasty.

basketball cake

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