The 10 Leading Brands Of 2015

This year major technology companies like Apple, Google and Microsoft continue to star in the list of the strongest brands, and welcome who slipped to list this year at the first time.

1. Apple – Designs and creates the iPhone, iPad, Mac notebooks and desktop computers, iOS 8, OS X, iPod and iTunes. This american company founded in 1976  at Cupertino California and its free years were not easy, and the big dreams were very hard to become into reality. But since Steve Jobs came back to run the business with the I generation (I pod, I phone, I pad, Itunes etc…) the company and the intire world have extremely changed. Today apple is definitely the leader brand and company in the world.

2. Google – This amazing company with a wide range of products and softwares are by far the most popular company in the world. The main business of google is advertising and bassicaly is the biggest media in the world. Google provide the most popular search engine, E-mail service and ad exchange with its adsense and adwords dashboards for partnesrs and publishers. The founders still work for the company but also involved in more projects that all happens in closed doors at the google X labs.

3. Coca Cola –  A global leader in the beverage industry, the CocaCola company offers hundreds of brands, including soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks and other beverages since 1886. You can find this brands in every country around the globe and until today the recipe of the flag product the coca-cola is still safe and nobody outside of the company knows it.

google logo apple logo coca cola

4. Microsoft –  The world’s most profitable software company, and it has the highest market capitalization in the world! Founded in New Mexico, US at 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. This company provides the popular programs Office with Word, Excel and Power point, and of course the Windows that each of us using it on the PC computers. In the last years the company came out with Bing search engine but it still seems like they are not the best alternative for google search.

5. IBM –  This three words stands for International Business Machines and since 1911 (!) IBM is largest computing company in the world with offices in 180 countries.The real revolution started at 1981 when IBM came first with compact personal computer 5150 that hold a price tag of $1600. Today IBM employs around 500,000 people worl wide!

6. Toyota – Since 1937, the year Toyota founded, a Japanese automotive manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. Today the company is world’s largest carmaker. Even with a lot of recalls news of their cars the markeing team still believe the brand is strong enough so thrie clients worl wide can trust and uses slogans like, “I love what you do for me, Toyota!” (1989–1997), “Everyday” (1997–2001)”, “Get the feeling!” (2001–2004), “Moving Forward” (2004–2012) and more..

IBM microsoft toyota

7. Samsung – Manufactures TVs, Smart phones, digital cameras, DVDs, VCRs and audio systems. Founded in 1938 in Soutrh Korea. In the last years Samsung decided to get in the smart phones areas when it saw that Apple is quite leading this market. Since the board decided it the comapny came out with the Galaxy series phones and got a real competition to Apple, Sony, LG and other global players in the smart phones business. Samsung has an agreement with google and uses its Android operation system.

8. General Electric – In the first decades of its existence the company engaged in development of electric appliances, in the ’50s was considered one of the largest computer companies in the United States, until she sold the computer division to Honeywell in 1970. In 1976 it acquired the Utah Construction Company, in 1986 acquired the NBC television network, and in 2004 acquired the media company Vivendi Universal. Following this acquisition, its market value rose 410 billion and was the largest company with a market capitalization and the largest in the world.

9. McDonalds – Almost 70 millions people in nearly 120 countries eating one of the Mcdonalds menu every day! Its the biggest hamburgers chain in the worlds with huge amount of branches and workers. Since 1940 when the brothers Richard dick and Morris mc open their first restaurant the were consider how to give a smart and quick dervice with low price. Since then, you will never find waiters in the branches but service will be ever quick and comfort. During the years competitors came out and tried to byte the revenues of these mc monster company, one of them was Burger King.

10. Amazon – There is no real need to tell much abour amazon. This is one of the great performances of the global Internet. Huge marketplacefor  purchasing products innumerable categories. As of electrical and electronic products to basic consumer goods. In recent years, amazon considers how to optimize operational and logiostic systemss, we all saw the drones that planned to carry out the shipment and amazon reports that he is now considering a purchase of aircraft fleet. Definitely, amzaon is on the right trail and its getting better and smater with the years.

samsung amazon mcdonalds general electric

Facebook is not at the list but there is no chance to deliver the leaders brands and not mention this great company that grows massively year by year.

More companies and giant brands missing in the list:
Nike, Yahoo, Visa, Ikea, Mercedes, cnn, twitter, Mastercard, Sony, Starbucks, Pepsi, and many more golden brands that we use thier products and sevices on  a dayily basis.

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