Pizza, Sushi, Hamburger – Fast Food Industry at a Glance!

We all have sometimes a crave for pizza, sushi or other fast food like hamburger, chips and coke. A review of the fast food industry and its ‘ingredients’.

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It is no secret that people of all over the world love fast food. Pizzas, burger, chicken pieces and other fast food items are the most favorite items of our youngsters, young couples, children and even the people of higher ages. Due to this liking, fast food industry is growing at a rapid speed and numerous food chains are available in each corner of the world.

Although, this industry is flourishing but new and latest trends are now targeting the market. The awareness related to health and food safety is increasing so fast food industry is facing some problems. Economic recessions, rising food costs and inclusion of new competitors are increasing the problems for existing fast food chains and their profit margins are decreasing.

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The great loss, which had to suffer by fast food industry, was the awareness about the health among the people. Media, doctors and food experts also gave the awareness to the fast food lovers that it is not good for health. The issues due to which fast food industry had to go at a back step were numerous but some of them are being described here:

• The vegetables which are being used in the preparation of fast food are contaminated. The contamination is due to the usage of pesticides.

• The fried items are not good for health as these items directly attacks your immune system.

• Refined sugar is being used in the preparation of some fast food items. It is highly dangerous for the health as it reduces some essential nutrients which are really very important for our health.

• Fast food items are normally deep fried. For frying, hydrogenated fats are being used and doctors say that it is very dangerous to use these fats. These fats create problems of heart attack, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and many other things.

• Junk food also has the quality that it has saturated fats which are not good for health.

• By taking fast food, you are taking high calories which are not good for health.

• Artificial sweeteners are also used which can stimulate the brain cells.

This awareness created problems in the fast food industry and they started to think in a new way for handling this issue. First of all, they are now planning to food items of good quality. They are trying to provide hygiene food items in which natural and pure item are being used. They have included those food items as well which are good for health and are not deeply fried. The menu is much better and now you have a choice to buy junk food items or healthy food items.

Some of the well renowned and famous food chains, which are working in the whole world, are McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Burger King, Domino’s Pizza, Dunkin’ Donuts, Dairy Queen and Papa John’s etc.
Although, it is a difficult situation but fast food chains are now planning not to exist in the market but flourish with other food products also. They have a plan to provide food items which are healthy, fresh and according to the requirements of the customers. © 2022  | about us | contact us          Instagram  google+   twitter