A Huge Park Of Food – My Week In Bangkok

thai food 2
This time in Bangkok I decided to focus on tastes and smells .

Sunday morning in Bangkok. I wake up slowly, stretching the soft bed, listening to the birdsong beyond the closed shutter and trying to place myself in space by the  summer time local. Orchid that greeted yesterday still resting on the pillow next door and Buffy a hint of coconut sweet natural soap beside the bathroom sink and the blossoming jasmine with proper string gods, that I bought last night between mouthfuls variety of street vendors in the neighborhood.

thai food 3 thai food 1

The doctor, that this trip was her idea, got up early and went already been invited to lecture him. Soon return and together we will explore the turbulent streets of the city. A light summer dress and flip-flops, I protest the nonsense that covers my sunglasses when I left the air conditioner meets the first premier designer coffee accompanied by a tray of cut fruit and homemade jam Tangerines hotel’s dining room. Through the large windows overlooking the tropical courtyard Luscious – Oasis of peace and quiet in the heart of frenzy Bangkok .

Just outside the hotel, we meet the familiar broad-shouldered fruit, it transports heavy knife wounding the head of a young green coconut and serves it to me with a straw. They are so delicious it’s cool waters. I sip them eagerly and turns scraping the slippery flesh – which for me is prey for the coveted candy.

thai food 4 thai food 5

Entrance to the hospital next door (the largest in Asia, tell us locals) had started lunch. A large open space and indoor borders on the street, the mini-buffet spread cooked and fried smelling smells wonderful and hospital staff including doctors and nurses in white coats, go through them and fill plates at anything. Near the bustling feed plant upright carts that sell homemade coconut ice cream and boxes which are stacked thin and crispy crepes prepared before the flanch passionate moment, were filled with foam coated shafts of egg whites and yolks folded fresh gentle motion – wait for those diners choose to sign his meal at a sweet.

Food booths that filled the night before the surrounding streets were replaced by others. We had just finished breakfast and already we have a hard time resisting winked at us from every direction: ripe fruit of Jack Details Paulette segments bright yellow smelling creamy sweet chunks of chicken and pork taken from bamboo sticks roasted on a charcoal grill, sliced green mango sour and crunchy cut bag and submitted together with salt or chili addictive who have spiced fish with sugar, mini onions, dried small shrimps and lots of chili, gum Rice stuffed with meat wrapped in banana leaves  and many others.

Nothing I have heard, read or imagined prepared me for my first meeting with the city of Bangkok.
Thais believe maximum availability and accessibility of foodstuffs and beverages. Aesthetics is also for them a supreme cultural value. Thai finds himself facing infinity consumer choices:
Want to eat quickly, standing up and on the move? All packed in laminated, including tiny packets of sauces and a variety of green refresh meal. Mote, a fork or a spoon (I was pleased to discover the Thais do not eat with sticks), a box or a cellophane bag resistant to heat and cold. All trim and tidy eating. Soups, stews, salads, skewers, desserts, fruit and drinks – all plastic will continue with diners away.

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